2.3. Maintenance

This head is intended to provide correctness of carrying out maintenance of the car, to help to support the car in proper condition and to prolong its service life. If maintenance was not carried out regularly, then bad operation of the engine (incomplete return of power, strange behavior of the engine etc.) can turn out to be consequence of it. In that case it is necessary to perform the following operations.

Primary actions:

– clear, examine and check the accumulator;
– check all liquids connected with the engine;
– check a state and a tension of an auxiliary driving belt;
– replace glow plugs;
– check a condition of the air filter and replace if it is necessary;
– replace fuel filters;
– check a condition of all hoses (branch pipes) and their tightness.

If these actions were not effective, then perform the following operations.

Secondary actions:

– check system of charging;
– check preliminary heating;
– check fuel system.