20.7.2. Installation

1. Install the hydrotransformer as follows:

– apply a thin film of lubricant on a hydrotransformer drive flange;
– using the additional handles screwed on the hydrotransformer, install it into place. At installation of the hydrotransformer turn it in the parties and several times raise up and down in order that teeths of the hydrotransformer connected to an entrance shaft of the transmission;
– insert a plastic clamp into place and turn it on a quarter of a turn clockwise. On models with 4-and 5-cylinder diesel engines fix a gidrotransfor the motor, having inserted a steel core into an opening for discharge of liquid from the hydrotransformer;
– turn the hydrotransformer in such situation that two openings under bolts of fastening of the hydrotransformer to a plate of the drive settled down in the lower part of the transmission.

2. A jack through a wooden bar lift the transmission into place.
3. Move the transmission before connection of a case of the transmission with the block of cylinders.
4. Fix by bolts the transmission to the engine, at the same time install the tire of grounding and arms which fasten these bolts.
5. Screw in fastening bolts a formator hydrotrance to a plate of the drive and tighten them the required moment. For access to each subsequent couple of bolts turn a bent shaft of the engine.
6. Further installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal taking into account the next moments.
7. At installation of pipes of the heat exchanger of transmission liquid use new sealing rings.
8. Connect the driveshaft to a transmission flange.
9. Check correctness of connection to the transmission of electric sockets and vacuum hoses.
10. Install the exhaust system.
11. Fill in this liquid in the transmission transmission.
12. Check and, if necessary, adjust a cable of management of pressure.