1.8. Each 12 months

Replacement of brake fluid

Operation on replacement of brake fluid is similar to operation of pumping of brakes except that the tank of brake fluid has to be exempted from old brake fluid.

1. Open the first union of pumping and swing a brake pedal until old brake fluid goes out of the main brake cylinder. Add brake fluid to a tag a move in a tank and pump over once again before emergence in the union of pumping of new brake fluid then screw up the pumping union. Similarly pump over brake contours of other wheels.
2. When carrying out pumping do not allow lowering of level of brake fluid in a tank below min tag. Otherwise air can get to the hydraulic brake system.
3. Check reliability of tightening of unions of pumping. Establish on them dustproof caps and wipe traces of brake fluid.
4. Check operation of the brake system at the movement of the car at a small speed.