15.3. System of ignition of TFZ

The system of ignition of TFZ works by the same principle, as system of ignition of EZL, but with the following differences.

In system of ignition of TFZ the moment of ignition is defined by the sensor installed in the ignition distributor. Such design gives the chance to establish an initial corner of an advancing of ignition by turn of the case of the distributor of ignition concerning a distributor shaft.

During the operation of the engine the ignition advancing corner partially is run by the electronic device, and partially vacuum regulator installed on the ignition distributor. The electronic control device increases an ignition advancing corner with increase in turns of the engine, and the vacuum regulator - with increase in loading.

On models with the carburetor at warming up of the engine the thermoswitch and the control valve change an ignition advancing corner via the block of vacuum correction.