2.4.6. Check of the air conditioning system

Arrangement of an observation port for check of level of liquid in the air conditioning system

1. The sensor of pressure of the air conditioning system is located sideways a nutritious tank.
2. Switch off ignition and disconnect the electric socket from the top part of the sensor of pressure.
3. Start the engine in the mode of idling and include system кондициониро a vaniye on the dashboard.
4. Wipe the observation port located sideways a nutritious tank (see the drawing).
5. Connect the electric socket to the sensor of pressure and watch an observation port. As a result of it the electromagnetic coupling and level of coolant in an observation port will turn on has to raise. The coolant seen in an observation port has to be without vials of air.
6. If coolant level in the air conditioning system too low or too low pressure in system the sensor of pressure prevents turning on of the air conditioning system. In this case it is necessary to make repair of the air conditioning system in a specialized workshop.