22.8. Back brake disk


During the work of brake shoes brake dust which contains asbestos, unhealthy forms. Therefore when cleaning brake shoes do not use compressed air and do not inhale dust.


In need of replacement of a brake disk it is also necessary to replace also the second brake disk for ensuring uniformity of braking. When replacing brake disks it is also necessary to replace brake shoes.

1. Tighten the emergency brake, then lift a back part of the car and record on supports. Remove to a sootvetstvo a yushchy back wheel.
2. Establish a washer 10 mm thick on a bolt of fastening of a wheel and screw in a fastening bolt in the opening bred from the opposite side of the screw of fastening of a brake disk.
3. Slowly turn a brake disk so that it could be considered from two parties. Wear of a brake disk from blocks has to be in admissible limits. If there are cracks on a disk, the disk is subject to replacement.
4. Using a micrometer, measure thickness of a brake disk.
5. The indicator of hour type check a beating of a brake disk. Fix the indicator of hour type in any convenient place and, turning a brake disk, define its beating at distance of 10 mm from the outer edge.
6. Before check of a beating of a brake disk be convinced that the hug bearing is in good shape.
7. Check a brake disk for existence of cracks, especially around openings under bolts of fastening of a wheel, and also for existence of wear or mechanical damages and, if necessary, replace it.


1. The back brake disk is removed in the same way, as well as a forward brake disk taking into account the following differences. For fixing of a back brake disk one adjusting pin is used. Before removal of a brake disk check that the emergency brake is completely released. If the brake disk still is not removed, take away blocks of the emergency brake from a drum of a brake disk.


1. Installation of a back brake disk is made in the same way, as well as a forward brake disk. In conclusion adjust operation of the emergency brake.