25.1 Technical characteristic


Characteristics of fuses and electric chains can change from year to year

Voltage of onboard network is 12 V with a negative pole on weight

Power of bulbs

External lighting fixtures
Headlights (near and far light)
55 W (H4 type)
Forward fog light
55 W (H3 type)
Forward dimensional lighting
4 W
Indexes of turns
21 W
Side repeater of turns
5 W
21 W
Back dimensional lighting
10 W
Backing lamp
21 W
Back fog lamp
21 W
Illumination of registration plate
5 W
Illumination of salon
Forward lamps of illumination of salon
10 W
Back lamps of illumination of salon
10 W
Lighting of the luggage compartment
10 W
Combination of devices
Lighting lamp
3 W
Lamp of the alarm light system
1,5 W

Tightening moments

Screen wiper engine:
– bolts of fastening of the engine
5 Nanometer
– axial nut
18 Nanometer
Screws of fastening of a safety cushion from the driver
6 Nanometer