21.3. Replacement of oil in reverse main gear

Unscrewing of a stopper of discharge of oil from reverse main gear

1. Make a trip on sufficient distance for warming up of reverse main gear up to the normal working temperature.
2. Install the car in horizontal position over a viewing hole.
3. Wipe area about a stopper of filling/level of oil in the reverse main gear located on the left side, and unscrew a stopper.
4. Install a suitable container under the drain stopper located on the right side of a case of reverse main gear and unscrew a stopper (see the drawing).
5. Merge oil in a container. Clear traffic jams and remove metal particles from the magnets fixed on traffic jams.
6. After discharge of oil clear a carving of a drain stopper and establish a drain stopper into place, having tightened it the required moment.
7. Fill in exact amount of the required oil in the main reverse gear and check oil level. If precisely required amount of oil is filled in, and the level of oil is higher than norm, establish a stopper of checking of level of oil and make a short trip in order that oil was distributed between all elements of reverse main gear. Repeatedly check the level of oil and, if necessary, bring it to norm.