21:10. Central bearing of the driveshaft


1. At wear of the bearing characteristic noise and vibration appears. Remove the driveshaft and check a condition of the bearing.
2. Check that the bearing rotates evenly both without jammings and in it there is no side play. With defects replace the bearing. Check a condition of a rubber protective cover and, if necessary, replace it.



Replacement of the central bearing of the driveshaft requires use of a stripper and hydraulic press, and also the corresponding mandrels.

Elements of the central part of the driveshaft
1 – forward part of the driveshaft;
2 – back part of the driveshaft;
3 – nut of the shlitsevy coupling;
4 – rubber protective cover;
5 – protective cover;
6 – protective cover;
7 – arm of the central bearing;
8 – bearing

1. Remove the driveshaft.
2. Apply combination tags on forward and back parts of the driveshaft. On some models on cardan to a shaft there are already combination tags. The tag on a forward part of the driveshaft has to settle down between two tags on the universal hinge of a back part of the driveshaft (see rice. An arrangement of tags of combination on both parts of a power shaft the file).
3. Disconnect a rubber protective cover from a nut of the shlitsevy coupling, then unscrew a nut and separate both half of the driveshaft (see rice. Elements of the central part of the driveshaft).
4. Remove a rubber protective cover from the driveshaft.
5. Using a stripper, remove the central bearing with an arm from the driveshaft, noting its arrangement. Uncover forward and back the central bearing.
6. Establish an arm with the bearing on a support and, using a tubular mandrel of the corresponding diameter, squeeze out the bearing from an arm.
7. Check a condition of all details and, if necessary, replace. Protective covers of the central bearing and a rubber protective cover need to be replaced from their state.
8. Establish an arm of fastening of the bearing on a support and, using a tubular mandrel which leans on an external ring of the bearing, press the new bearing into an arm.
9. Clear the driveshaft and establish a new back protective cover.
10. Install the central bearing with an arm on the driveshaft, using the tubular mandrel leaning on an internal ring of the bearing.
11. Install a forward protective cover and a new rubber protective cover on the driveshaft, having installed it in driveshaft flutes.
12. Apply a thin film of lubricant on the basis of a molybdenum disulfide on vents of the driveshaft and connect two parts of the driveshaft according to the tags put earlier.
13. Insert a rubber protective cover into a flute of a nut of the shlitsevy coupling and install the driveshaft.