3.2. General data

The engine with four cylinders rowed with one top camshaft.

The bent shaft leans on five radical bearings. Persistent half rings for adjustment of an axial side play of a bent shaft are established on the third radical bearing.

In the lower heads of a rod connecting rods are established. Pistons fasten to rods piston fingers. Pistons are manufactured of aluminum alloy and have three piston rings, two sealing and one oil scraper.

The camshaft located in the top part of a head of the block of cylinders is put in action by a single-row or two-row chain. The chain also puts in action an intermediate shaft which is used for the drive of the distributor of ignition and the fuel pump on carburetor models.

The camshaft leans on five bearings and operates valves through yokes and hydraulic pushers.

Lubricant of the engine is produced under pressure created by the oil pump which is given directly from a bent shaft and is placed in a cover of a driving chain.