12:12. Fuel nozzles


When checking work of fuel nozzles never hold up hands or any part of a body under the fuel stream leaving a nozzle. Fuel comes out a nozzle under high pressure and can get into a body through skin. It is recommended to charge to the expert work on check of nozzles under pressure.

During the operation of the engine there is a wear of fuel nozzles and after the run of 100 000 km it is necessary to make repair or replacement of fuel nozzles. The expert has to make check, repair and calibration of fuel nozzles.

For definition of a faulty nozzle it is necessary to be convinced that the engine is serviceable and the level of a compression is identical in all cylinders.

Start the engine and warm up it up to the normal working temperature.

Weaken an union nut топливопрово yes on the checked nozzle. Note whether engine turns changed. Make the same check on accelerated single to the course.

At a serviceable fuel nozzle the obvious reduction of turns of the engine which is followed by its uneven work will be observed. If the checked nozzle is faulty, change of turns of the engine will be insignificant and will be gone if there was earlier foreign knock.



During the work with fuel nozzles observe purity.

Fuel nozzle

A – fuel nozzle;

B – laying;

C – pipeline of high pressure;

D – returnable fuel-supply line;

E – cap

1. Remove a weight wire from the accumulator.
2. Remove an inlet collector.
3. Clear area about fuel nozzles and connecting nuts of fuel-supply lines (see the drawing). Weaken a collar and remove a hose of return of fuel from a fuel nozzle.
4. Weaken the connecting nut fixing a fuel-supply line of high pressure to the top part of a fuel nozzle.
5. Weaken the connecting nut fixing a fuel-supply line of high pressure to the top part of the fuel pump of high pressure. Unscrew connecting nuts and remove the pipeline of high pressure. Protect nozzles and the pipeline of high pressure from dirt hit.
6. Unscrew a nozzle and take it from a nest in a head of the block of cylinders.
7. Remove laying from a fuel nozzle, noting its arrangement.


1. Establish new laying in a head of the block of cylinders. Screw in a fuel nozzle and tighten it the required moment.
2. Install pipelines of high pressure and fix them by connecting nuts, having tightened them the required moment.
3. Connect a tube of return of fuel to a fuel nozzle and fix it by a collar.
4. Connect a weight wire to the accumulator and check operation of the engine.