3.13.2. Preparation of a head for installation

Measurement of length of a bolt of fastening of a head of the block of cylinders

The most admissible length of a bolt is equal to 122,0 mm.

1. The interfaced surfaces of a head and the block of cylinders have to be absolutely pure. For their cleaning use a firm plastic or wooden scraper. When cleaning be careful as it is very easy to damage aluminum alloy. Check that the deposit did not get to oil and water canals. It is especially important for the lubrication system as the deposit can block supply of oil to engine components. If necessary clear channels, check the interfaced surfaces of a head and the block of cylinders for existence of notches, deep scratches and other damages. If defects small, they can be removed with machining. At major defects of a detail are subject to replacement.
2. Using a metal ruler and the probe, check planeness of the interfaced surfaces.
3. Clear openings under bolts in the block of cylinders. Screwing up of a bolt in the openings filled with oil can break off the block because of hydraulic pressure.
4. Measure length of bolts from the head basis (see the drawing). If length of a bolt exceeds admissible limits, replace all bolts in a set.