7.17. Installation of piston rings

Measurement of a gap in the lock of a piston ring


Installation on the piston of a dilator of an oil scraper ring


Arrangement of piston rings on the piston

1 – top sealing ring;

2 – average sealing ring;

3 – oil scraper ring

1. Before installation of new piston rings check a gap in the ring lock.
2. Arrange pistons and piston rings according to cylinders in which they will work.
3. Install the top sealing ring in the first cylinder and the bottom of the piston push it in the cylinder to the cylinder basis.

The top and average sealing rings are various, an external surface of an average ring conical.

4. Using the probe, measure a gap in the ring lock.
5. Repeat process of measurement with the ring established in the top part of the cylinder and compare results of measurement to specifications.
6. If a gap too small, it it is necessary to increase, soshlifovyvy ring end faces.
7. If a gap in the ring lock too big, check correctness compliance of rings to your engine.
8. Repeat operation of check for each ring in the first cylinder and then for rings in other cylinders.
9. Install piston rings on pistons in the same way, as well as at removal.
10. At installation of an oil scraper ring first of all establish a dilator, then a ring, having displaced the ring lock on 180 ° from a dilator ledge. Check that marking of TORAHS on rings was directed up (see rice. An arrangement of piston rings on the piston). Arrange locks of the top and average compression rings with shift on 120 ° from the lock of an oil scraper ring. Check that locks of piston rings were not combined with an axis of a piston finger.