8.10.7. Switch of distribution of air and cable


1. Remove the control unit of a heater.
2. Disconnect an arm of fastening of the switch on the console.
3. Move the switch lever to the right, release it from a nest, then take the switch block.
4. Disconnect a cable of management from the basis of the block of the switch and unscrew fastening nuts.
5. Disconnect the electric socket from a back part of the block of the switch.
6. Remove the finishing panel located under a ware box and a ware box.
7. Under the dashboard remove a cable of management under the lever of the top and lower folding shutters.


1. Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal. Adjust the switch for what turn the switch in the provision of 9 hours and rotate adjusting nuts on connection of a cable of management in a back part of the switch until the lower and top folding shutters are not closed completely.