24.9. Cowl


Arrangement of caps on cowl inside

Arrangement of bolts of fastening of hinges to a cowl

1. Open a cowl and enclose pure rags under cowl corners to protect a paint and varnish covering of the car at removal of a cowl.
2. Being careful, remove the caps located in the central part of a cowl for access to a hose of a washer and electric sockets. Disconnect the giving washer hose from the control valve and electric sockets. Tie a thin long cord to a hose and the electric socket. Extend an electrical wiring and a hose from a cowl and untie from them a cord, leaving it in a cowl. Further the cord will be required for tightening in a cowl of an electrical wiring and a hose (see rice. An arrangement of caps on cowl inside).
3. Using a marker, note position of hinges on a cowl (see rice. An arrangement of bolts of fastening of hinges to a cowl).
4. Unscrew bolts of fastening of the left and right hinge of a cowl and, being careful, remove a cowl.
5. Check a condition of hinges of a cowl for existence of a side play and wear and, if necessary, replace them. Pay attention that for replacement of the hinge of a cowl it is necessary to remove a forward wing and it is desirable to perform this work at service station.

Installation and adjustment

1. Using two assistants, establish a cowl and screw in bolts of fastening of hinges of a cowl by hand. Level cowl hinges according to earlier made tags and tighten fastening bolts.
2. Close a cowl and check its arrangement of rather adjacent surfaces. Adjust the provision of a cowl so that at the closed cowl the gap on perimeter of a cowl was identical from all directions. For adjustment weaken bolts of fastening of hinges of a cowl and, moving a cowl, adjust its situation. If this adjustment does not provide required position of a cowl, then further adjustment can be made, having weakened nuts of fastening and having changed position of hinges of a cowl. Access to nuts of fastening of hinges of a cowl is possible after removal of protection of a wing. For adjustment of a forward part on height it is necessary to screw in or unscrew the rubber pillows located on a forward cross-piece.