7.9.3. 6-cylinder petrol DOHC engines

Use of a tubular mandrel for installation of a maslootrazhatelny cap

Installation of an internal valvate spring

1. Oil cores of valves pure engine and insert them on the places. The valve establish on those places where they were ground in.
2. Establish a spring nest. Lower a maslootrazhatelny cap in fresh engine oil and establish it on a valve core into place, being careful not to damage its working edges. For protection of working edges of a maslootrazhatelny cap before installation it is possible to wind with an adhesive tape a valve core end face.
3. Establish a valvate spring and a plate of a spring. On early models on each valve about two springs were established. On later models with one conic spring, the bigger diameter of a spring has to settle down from a head of the block of cylinders.
4. Special adaptation squeeze a valvate spring and establish crackers in dredging of a core of the valve and grease them. Remove the device for compression of a spring. Repeat this operation on other valves.
5. Knock with the hammer through wooden whetstone on a valve core end face in order that all elements of the valve accurately were established on the places.
6. Establish a thermostat casing on a head of the block of cylinders.
7. Screw in spark plugs.
8. Install the camshaft and the mechanism of the drive of valves with hydraulic pushers.
9. Establish inlet and final collectors.
10. Establish a head of the block of cylinders (you watch the corresponding description in subsection 5.15).