Jet needle

Block of the piston, diaphragm and needle of a jet
1 – jet needle;

2 – screws of fastening of a needle of a jet;

3 – air channel;

4 – plastic plug

1. Remove from the carburetor the block with the piston, a diaphragm and a needle of a jet.
2. From lateral face of the piston weaken the screw and take a jet needle (see the drawing).
3. Check a condition of a needle of a jet. If at it there are pollution, wash out a needle in the corresponding solvent. At the same time do not damage a needle. If the needle is worn-out, replace it.
4. Install a needle in the piston so that the plastic plug was combined with the piston case, and fix a needle by the screw.
5. Install the piston block with a jet needle in the carburetor case.