27.24. Safety airbag

1 – Airbag of safety of the driver;
2 – Airbag of safety of the forward passenger;
3 – Control bulbs;
4 – Device of retraction of seat belts

The airbag of safety of the driver is located in the center of a steering wheel and has the inscription "AIR BAG".

At installation of a key in the ignition lock in situation 1 or 2 for 4 seconds the control lamp of "RS" or "SRS" on a combination of devices lights up. It testifies to serviceability of system of the airbag of safety and its readiness for work.

If the control lamp does not light up absolutely or burns constantly or blinks, and also lights up during the movement, it demonstrates that in system of the airbag of safety there is a malfunction. In this case for diagnostics and repair of system of the airbag of safety it is necessary to address on service station.

Operation of airbags of safety happens only at head-on collision above a certain force.

On the car with the passenger airbag the person with growth less than 140 cm should not sit down on forward passenger sitting.

At operation of airbags of safety in interior of the car there is an insignificant emission of smoke. Smoke from safety cushions is not noxious to health.

The expiration date of a safety cushion is specified on a sticker which is fixed on the driver's door. After service life of safety cushions they need to be replaced with Mercedes-Benz service stations.