27.7. Examples of adjustment of temperature and distribution of a stream of air

Air is warmed up up to the maximum temperature and the main stream of air goes to a windshield. For an obduv of side glasses turn the handle 7 up, and 8 direct the directing elements of a side nozzle to side glass.

Supply of the warmed-up air to a windshield and in the lower part of interior of the car. Close the central nozzle of system of ventilation for what turn the handle down to an emphasis.

You make distribution of a stream of the warmed-up air due to opening or closing snuffled systems of ventilation and heating, and also due to turn of guides snuffled in the required party.

Giving of the maximum quantity of fresh air in interior of the car through completely open nozzles 6 and 8. Also turn handles 5 and 7 completely up.