27.35. Control of power windows

Arrangement of switches:

1 – The switch operating a forward left window regulator.

2 – The switch operating a back left window regulator.

3 – The switch operating the right forward window regulator.

4 – The switch operating a back right window regulator.

5 – Switch of blocking of back side glasses.

6 – The window regulator switch on a back door.

Window regulators work only at turn of a key in the ignition lock in situation 1 or 2, and also at an open forward door and a key in situation 0 or in general without key in the ignition lock.

Side back glasses can open and be closed by switches 1 - 4 on the central console or the switch located under glass of a back door.

For movement of glass press the corresponding switch and at achievement of required position of glass release the switch.

If on a back seat of the car there are children, it is desirable to disconnect window regulators of back doors, having moved the button of blocking 5.