27.43. System of production of the fulfilled gases


During the first trip there can be a dymoobrazny evaporation of wax and the oils which are available in system of production of the fulfilled gases. To allow this process to pass up to the end on the open place.

To avoid smoke inhalation.

To avoid inhalation of the fulfilled engine gases.

The fulfilled gases of the engine contain poisonous, and at the same time colourless and flavourless, carbon monoxide. Its inhalation can be life-threatening.

If the fulfilled gases get to interior of the car, then it is necessary to open windows.

The engine with control of toxicity of the fulfilled gases

Owing to the constructive measures which are carried out generally concerning systems of a smeseobrazovaniye and ignition the content of toxic substances, such as carbon monoxide (SO), hydrocarbons (SN) and oxides of nitrogen (NO) in the fulfilled gases is reduced to a minimum.

The amount of toxic substances as a part of the fulfilled gases is defined by excellent job of systems of a smeseobrazovaniye and ignition. Therefore it is necessary that all test and adjusting works were carried out the authorized masterful Mercedes-Benz having the necessary equipment and the trained personnel. Electronic control systems allow to carry out diagnostics and adjustment quickly.