27.44. Identification of the car

Arrangement of an identification plate of the car (A) and plate with number of a body and a code of paint (V) on the top forward cross-piece

Arrangement of identification number of a body on the top fastening of a forward right suspension bracket

Identification numbers are available on all cars.

At the order of spare parts provide the maximum information on the indication of model of the car, year of release and registration, and also number of a body and the engine.

Number of identification of the car (VIN) is applied on a plate which the priklepana to a forward cross beam and is seen after opening of a cowl. Identification number of a body is beaten also out on the top fastening of the right forward suspension bracket.

Identification number of a body and code of paint are also applied on a color plate which is fixed to the top forward cross-piece of a body near an identification plate.

Depending on engine type number of the engine is beaten out on a back part on the right side of or on a forward part on the left side of the block of cylinders.