27.25. Blocking of a steering column / lock of ignition

The key in the lock of ignition can hold the following position:

0 – Ignition is switched off.

1 – Steering is unblocked, at the same time ignition and the following electric chains is included:

  – windscreen washers,
  – screen wipers of headlights (only at inclusion of passing or driving beam),
  – light and sound signals,
  – lighter,
  – illumination of a ware box,
  – radio receiver,
  – hatch,
  – heater of back glass,
  – window regulator,
  – adjustment of forward sitting,
  – heating of seats.

2 – Ignition is included. All electric chains energized, work control bulbs and system of preliminary heating of the diesel engine. This provision of a key is normal at the movement and towage of the car.

3 – Start of the engine starter. After start of the engine immediately to release a key.

After extraction of a key from the lock of ignition there is a steering blocking.


It is strictly forbidden to establish a key in situation 0 during the movement of the car.

For unblocking of a steering column insert a key into the lock of ignition and slightly turning a steering wheel to the right-to the left, turn a key in the ignition lock in situation 1.