27.40. System cruise control

The cruise control represents an opportunity to remember and support any speed of the movement of a constant, beginning from about 40 km/h to almost maximum.

Control a cruise control is exercised of the lever close to the lever of the multipurpose switch.

The cruise control should not be included if the movement with a constant speed is inexpedient (for example, a dense transport stream, plentiful turns, the slippery or dirty road).

In case of the automatic transmission inclusion the cruise control makes sense only at a step of D.

1 – For acceleration fixing quickly move the switch.

2 – For delay fixing to Menno's kratkovra move the switch.

Short-term installation of the switch in situation 1 or 2 fixes car speed. The pedal of an accelerator can be released.

For increase or reduction of speed of the car move the lever to situation 1 or 2 and hold it in this situation, the required speed will not be reached yet. At repeated movement of the lever new speed will be recorded.

At short-term moving of the lever to situation 1 or 2 there is a step-by-step increase in speed of the movement on 1 km/h without pressing an accelerator pedal.

3 – Switching off.

For switching off a cruise control quickly install systems the lever in situation 3.

The system a cruise control is switched off also in the following cases:

 – speed of the movement is lower than 40 km/h or
 – the pedal of a brake is pressed or
 – the pedal of coupling is pressed or
 – the control lever is established by the automatic transmission in situation N.

4 – Storing of speed of the movement.

At a speed of car over 40 km/h storing of speed is made by short-term moving of the lever to situation 4.

The speed of the movement brought in memory after switching off of ignition is erased.


Acceleration of the car by pressing an accelerator pedal is possible. After an otpuskaniye of a pedal of an accelerator the speed of the movement of the car which is written down in memory is established before.