27.28. Multipurpose switch of a steering column

1 – A starting position of the lever, passing beam is turned on.

2 – Movement of the lever from a steering column, driving beam is turned on.

3 – Not fixed movement of the lever to a steering wheel, the alarm system driving beam, irrespective of position of the switch of lighting.

4 – Movement of the lever up, right index of turns.

5 – Movement of the lever down, left index of turns.

At return of a steering wheel to a starting position the lever of inclusion of the index of turns automatically comes back to a starting position, except cases of insignificant turn of a steering wheel.

During change of a lane to press the lever only to notable resistance. At an otpuskaniye the lever comes back to a starting position.

Control lamps of a signal of turn will highlight the direction of turn.

6 – When pressing the button washers and screenwashes, and also cleaners of headlights at the turned-on driving or passing light join.

7 – For inclusion of a screen wiper of a windshield turn the handle on the lever of the multipurpose switch.

  0 – It is switched off.

  I – Faltering mode.

  II – Low speed of work of a screen wiper.

  III – High speed of work of a screen wiper.

If the bulb of the index of turns of the car or trailer fused, then the control bulb of turns all the same works normally and, besides, the control lamp of damage lights up.