10.13.11. Lambda sensor


Removal of a metal protective cap Lambda sensor


1. A lambda sensor it is screwed in in a reception exhaust pipe and access to it is possible from under the car.
2. Lift a forward part of the car and record on supports or install the car over a viewing hole.
3. You perform further work only after full cooling of the engine and the exhaust system.
4. Disconnect the electric socket located on wires the Lambda sensor. For a detachment of the socket turn it on a quarter of a turn counterclockwise and take from a nest.

On later models the electric socket the Lambda sensor is located in interior of the car under a rug for the driver's legs. Disconnect the electric socket and take it through the condensing ring in the bottom.

5. Remove a metal protective cap, then unscrew the Lambda sensor from a reception exhaust pipe (see the drawing).


1. Apply a thin film of antiprigarny structure on a carving the Lambda sensor, at the same time you watch that antiprigarny material did not get on a sensor tip.
2. Screw in the Lambda sensor in a reception exhaust pipe and tighten it the required moment then connect the electric socket of the sensor.