Tires and check of pressure in tires

Tires are the only parts of the car which constantly are in contact with the road and even the total contact surface of all tires small. Therefore it is regularly necessary to carry out a careful inspection of tires as also own safety and safety of other participants in traffic to a large extent depends on a condition of tires.

It is desirable to check pressure in tires before long trips as at the same time there is the maximum temperature load on tires. At the movement on long distances at a high speed with the lowered pressure in tires more energy is spent for deformation of the tire therefore it overheats and there can be an office of a layer of a profile or even a rupture of the tire. also with the lowered pressure in the tire fuel consumption increases.

Continuous check of a condition of tires will allow to find in due time intensive wear and to remove its cause that will allow to avoid more serious consequences.

With uneven wear of tires it is necessary to find the reason of it and to eliminate it.

Check tires for existence of cuts, punctures and foreign objects in tires. Places of leak of air from the tire can be defined by soapsuds.

Carefully survey internal lateral face of each tire on existence of traces of brake fluid.

The required pressure in tires prolongs the term of its service and therefore it needs to be checked regularly. You make control of pressure in tires only on cold tires.

When replacing wheels it is inexpedient to change the direction of rotation of the tire as their repeated extra earnings will cause the increased wear of tires.

Check of level of wear of protectors of tires
Tires of wheels it is necessary not delay mechanism but to replace if the special indexes (V) which are below at the bottom of a protector as a result of wear are made even to a tire protector surface. The provision of indexes is designated by a triangular tag on an onboard wall of the tire (A).

Measurement of depth of the drawing of a protector of the tire
Depth of the drawing of a protector of tires can be controlled by special adaptation and at achievement of extreme wear of the tire it is necessary to replace.

Check of pressure in tires
Check of pressure in tires is made only on cold tires. Optimum pressure in tires increases service life of tires and operational parameters of the car.